Sociology : Networks and Network Analysis

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Groups, Organizations, And Bureaucracies

According to Mark Granovetter's weak tie hypothesis, the provided image is known as which of the following?

Forbidden triad

Possible Answers:

Negative triad

Forbidden triad

Weak tie triangle

None of these

Strong tie triangle

Correct answer:

Forbidden triad


According to Granovetter,the image is considered to be the forbidden triad. Each of the dots represent a person in a network. If one node has a tie to two other nodes, then each of those two individuals should possess some kind of relationship. In other words, if you are are friends with two individuals then there is likely to be a relationship of some sort between them. This is based off of the idea that people befriend people with like characteristics and these individuals will gravitate towards one another in a small social network. 

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