How my education can change the world by Ambreen

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How my education can change the world by Ambreen - June 2020 Scholarship Essay

My name is Ambreen Elahi. I am currently a high school senior who loves to write, read, and study. One of my favorite things to do is to write the advice column for the school newspaper. I love children, and my favorite subjects in school were chemistry, algebra II, precalc, human geography, world history, world literature, and conversational Arabic.
Seeking a degree in the medical field is very prestigious, and is also very rewarding and challenging. I chose Health Sciences as my intended major because I am passionate about attending to children of all ages and learning about the medical attention children need to be healthy, successful adults. One of my biggest inspirations for choosing Pre-Medicine or Health Science as my major is my pediatrician, Dr. Amee Bass. Dr. Bass understood the concerns my parents had and knew how to give my parents and me the much-needed comfort and care. Every Sunday, I looked forward to volunteering in the Labor and Delivery unit, where I get to interact with nurses, doctors, and patients at Amita Health Care in Glen Ellyn.
After obtaining a degree in health sciences, I plan on applying to medical school after taking the MCAT. During my four years at medical school, I plan on taking three-step test licensing exams as well as having an internship. In the fourth year of medical school, my next step would be to apply for residency. After completing residency and receiving my degree, I will either apply for a job or apply for a fellowship.
My educational goals are to attend a four-year college or university and obtain my bachelor's degree in Health Sciences in four years or less. By winning this scholarship, I will be able to attend school without worrying about such a high loan because my parents cannot afford such high tuition costs. If I pull out a loan, I will have to work during my college years, which will take time away from studying and taking extra classes to graduate early. My main focus in attending college is that I am loan and debt-free and to pursue a degree in the Health Sciences field in the hopes of becoming a pediatrician. As a little girl, my dream was to become a pediatrician and to help sick children. Not only do I plan to accomplish this goal, but I plan to travel the world and give refugee children in war-torn countries the medical attention they deserve. I don't seek to become a pediatrician due to the high pay, but because of the children, I wish to cure. If health is declining at a young age, one can only imagine the medical attention needed in the future. With this scholarship, I can achieve my dreams without worrying about financial stability and student loans, which will guarantee my success in the long run.
Without a college education, I will not be able to achieve my dreams. As a little girl, I would check-up on my dolls and diagnose them. Ever since then, my dream has been to wear a white coat and see smiles on my patients' faces and their guardians. Every parent/guardian is concerned about their child's health, and they want the best doctor possible to ensure their needs. When it comes to choosing a doctor, many people look at their education, how they conduct, and what they know. If a doctor does not know how to suppress the situation and comfort the parents' needs, the doctor will be unsuccessful. Parents, especially first-time parents, need a doctor that will guarantee them a satisfying answer to all their questions. To achieve that, going to college and receiving that degree will allow me to be the superhero families want and need for their youth.
As the saying goes, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." quoted Nelson Mandela. Part of my dream is to change the world by traveling abroad to war-torn countries and attending to the children there. With a college education, I will be able to ensure that I can travel across the world and save lives. During my college years, I can take courses in language to guarantee that I can attend to my patients thoroughly. Obtaining a college degree will allow me to change the world at my fingertips, giving me the chance to be a superhero, not just for one person but for all.
My love for children and my desire to obtain a college degree, medical school degree, and complete residency are the driving forces to achieving my goals. Seeking a degree in the medical field is prestigious because doctors are the reason their patients are surviving. If doctors do not receive a college education, they would not be considered trustworthy. Education is the reason we have doctors who can save lives. Without a college education, I will never be able to achieve my dreams of being a child's superhero.