Test: SAT Writing

     (1) The sport of lacrosse, while perhaps not as widely popular today in the United States as baseball or football, is far older. (2) These games served many important cultural functions. (3) They were used to settle disputes between tribes, as festival events, and to train young men to become warriors and hunters.

     (4) Hundreds of men and women from rival tribes or villages would gather to play at once. (5) The playing field was sometimes several miles long. (6) The original game was very different from the organized sport played today. (7) A single game would be played from dawn until sunset, and be followed by dancing and feasting.

     (8) Modern, standardized versions of lacrosse started to be played in the 1850s and soon became very popular throughout Canada and the United States. (9) For over a century, it has been one of the most widely played sports in high schools in both nations.


The author wishes to add a concluding sentence after Sentence 9 that relates to a statement made in the opening sentence. Which of the following sentences would achieve this most effectively?

Lacrosse is a difficult sport to play because it requires much more physical endurance than baseball.

If you haven't ever played lacrosse, you're missing out on a really fun game.

Lacrosse has played an important role in North American culture for hundreds of years.

Changes to the game have been made to improve safety, such as the addition of helmets and padding for the players, and the use of a rubber ball.

Though it may not be considered "America's pastime," lacrosse could certainly be called the original American team sport.

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