Test: SAT Writing

(1) Cowboys have long been a symbol in American society. (2) On the one hand, they represent American strength, adventurousness, and indefatigability. (3) But they also call up images of oppression, racism, and exploitation. (4) However, both of these romanticized views of cowboys betray the dull routine and everyday realities of the lives that many cowboys lived.

(5) Some cowboys worked at the same farms for much of their lives, while others periodically moved cattle from place to place without ever participating in a gun fight or being harangued by unexpected or hidden enemies. (6) Today, their figurative descendants can still be found living in agricultural areas, working hard to ensure that steady supplies of milk, meat and other agricultural products find their ways to stores and your dining room table.


Which of the following would be the best spot to insert the sentence "Many times, they dealt with disease, hunger and loneliness."?

Between Sentence 5 and Sentence 6

Before Sentence 5

Between Sentence 3 and Sentence 4

Before Sentence 1

Between Sentence 2 and Sentence 3

1/12 questions


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