Test: SAT Writing

(1) In spite of the numerous museums and schools dedicated to its appreciation, modern art still has yet to achieve the level of popular appreciation that many other art forms experience. (2) Many remain critical of the so-called "non-figurative" turn of European art that occurred in the latter part of the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century that has had such a profound impact on art production since. (3) Contributing artists Van Gogh, Cézanne and Kandinsky each experimented with constitutive aspects of art works. (4) That is to say, they focused on issues such as how light interacts with objects, how depictions of visual space in a work tease normal perceptual capacities, or how color induces emotional responses. (5) Although they didn't always focus on the "realistic" depiction of figures in a pictorial scene, they nevertheless made significant and lasting contributions to how we think about the techniques and aspects that make up art objects and practice.


How can the significance of the underlined sentence to the overall paragraph best be described?

The underlined sentence explains why these figures of modern art have not received the appreciation that they so deserve.

The underlined sentence provides three reasons for which it makes little sense to talk of a consolidated and abstract notion such as "modern art."

The underlined sentence lists the contributions that museums and schools have since been dedicated to preserve and protect.

The artistic approaches listed in the underlined sentence explain the necessity for the non-figurative turn in European art.

The underlined sentence illustrates the experimental contributions that each of the individual artists listed in the sentence before it made to modern art.

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