SAT Math : How to find the solution to an inequality with addition

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Example Questions

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Example Question #21 : Inequalities

Solve for .

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


We want to isolate the variable on one side and numbers on another side. Treat like a normal equation. 

 We need to set-up two equations since it's absolute value.

 Subtract  on both sides.

 Divide  on both sides.

 Distribute the negative sign to each term in the parenthesis.

 Add  and subtract  on both sides.

 Divide  on both sides.

 We must check each answer. Let's try .

     This is true therefore  is a correct answer. Let's next try .

   This is not true therefore  is not correct. 

Final answer is just .

Example Question #191 : Equations / Inequalities

If x+1< 4 and y-2<-1 , then what is the value of ?

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


To solve this problem, add the two equations together:






The only answer choice that satisfies this equation is 0, because 0 is less than 4.

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