SAT II US History : Sequence in U.S. Intellectual and Cultural History from 1899 to the Present

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Sequence In U.S. Intellectual And Cultural History From 1899 To The Present

What was the name given to the social movement to eliminate the consumption of alcohol in the 19th and early 20th century?

Possible Answers:

Good Neighbor Policy

Volstead Act


The American Families Movement

Temperance Movement

Correct answer:

Temperance Movement


The Temperance Movement arose in America as a backlash against the widespread use and abuse of alcohol among American men. It was most consistently supported by women and religious leaders. The movement culminated with the ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment, which legally prohibited the sale of alcohol in all US territories. The passage of the Volstead Act wrote the amendment into law. 

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