SAT II US History : Facts and Details in U.S. Intellectual and Cultural History from 1790 to 1898

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Example Question #23 : U.S. Intellectual And Cultural History From 1790 To 1898

Cyrus Field was instrumental in ___________________.

Possible Answers:

a very damaging exposé written about Taft

the purchase of Louisiana

the laying of the trans-Atlantic telegraph cable

None of these

Correct answer:

the laying of the trans-Atlantic telegraph cable


Field is the “parent” in some sense of the Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable. Field was part of the venture (or, company) that laid the first cable (although it broke soon after). More importantly, Field was directly responsible for laying the cable that endured. With the trans-Atlantic cable in place, two worlds (well, really countries--the UK and the US) became closer together.

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