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How can a tutor assist you in conquering Special & General Relativity?

Einstein's theory of relativity actually spans two theories: his special theory of relativity, and his general theory of relativity. The earlier of the two theories, special relativity, takes for its basis the idea that the speed of light appears to be the same no matter in what context one observes or measures it. For this idea to hold true for observers moving at very fast speeds, these observers must necessarily experience space and time differently than stationary observers do. Thus, to moving observers, time can be measured to pass more slowly, and the lengths of objects can appear to be reduced in comparison to what a stationary observer experiences. In other words, observations of space and time are relative to an observer's frame of reference.

The theory of special relativity allowed Einstein to come up with his famous equation, which equates mass and energy. It also provided the basis for Minkowski to combine the concepts of space and time into the concept of a space-time continuum. However, special relativity did not account for the ways certain concepts like gravity, motion, and forces interacted with the concept of space-time. General relativity integrated these concepts with the tenets of special relativity to provide a more accurate picture of the universe. Einstein's equations outline the relationship between the geometry of space-time and the properties of matter, and account for how matter warps space-time and how space-time influences the motion of matter. Numerous observed phenomena have provided evidence supporting the theory of general relativity, including the phenomenon of redshift, slight anomalies in the orbit of Mercury, and other cosmological phenomena. In addition, global positioning satellite systems require extremely accurate measurements of time and would not work if the principles of general relativity were not taken into account.

If you're just beginning to learn about relativity or could use some guidance in understanding its finer points and equations, Varsity Tutors can help you connect with a relativity tutor to help you make sense of this important but often counterintuitive pair of theories. We can help you connect with a tutor who not only understands the principles and ideas underlying relativity, but can explain them in ways that make sense to you. Tutoring can be adapted to meet short-term or long-term needs, and your tutor can create a customized lesson plan designed to address just the aspects of relativity you find confusing, so if you've already mastered some of its concepts, you need not waste time in your tutoring sessions reviewing them. You tutor will also make relativity tutoring convenient. You can meet with your tutor whenever and wherever you want, allowing your tutoring to fit into even busy schedules. Moreover, working with a private tutor means that you have control over where you study, and can choose to learn in the comfort of your own home, at the local library, or anywhere else that is convenient to you. The Varsity Tutors live learning platform allows you to meet with a private tutor either in person or face-to-face online. This gives you the flexibility to meet with your tutor at the time and location of your choice.

Because the theory of relativity is complex and can be hard to digest, you will benefit greatly from studying with a private tutor. Unlike classroom-based learning, where teachers have limited time and resources, studying through private lessons allows you to spend time trying to understand complicated material. In addition, you will be working with someone who is an expert at deconstructing difficult concepts, breaking them down into digestible chunks, and presenting information in a simplified way that is easy to understand.

If you are serious about improving your understanding of relativity, contact Varsity Tutors today and ask for help finding a tutor in your area. Whether you want to learn in person or face-to-face online, there is a qualified instructor who is happy to help you reach your educational goals.

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 Special & General Relativity tutoring
 Special & General Relativity tutoring
 Special & General Relativity tutoring
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