Precalculus : Graph Radical Functions

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Radical Functions


Possible Answers:







Correct answer:



Remember , for .

Step 1, realize where starts: A) observe  never occurs, B) zero-out the radical component of ;




C) The resulting point is .

Step 2, find simple points for  after

, so use




The next resulting point; .

, so use ;




The next resulting point; .

Step 3, draw a curve through the considered points.

Example Question #2 : Radical Functions

Solve for  and use the solution to show where the radical functions intersect:

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


To solve, first square both sides of the equation to reverse the square-rooting of the binomials, then simplify:

Now solve for :

The x-coordinate for the intersection point is .  

Choose one of the two radical functions that compose the equation, and set the function equal to y.  The more simple a function is, the easier it is to use:

Now substitute  into the function.  


The y-coordinate of the intersection point is .

The intersection point of the two radical functions is .

Now graph the two radical functions:




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