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One of the most influential niche constructors is the earthworm, an organism found almost everywhere on the planet. 1 A scientist only concerned with evolution would predict that, in order to live on land, earthworms would have to significantly change. Earthworms didn’t change their physiology a great  amount, however, instead, they changed the soil to make it more like the ocean in order to survive. Land with earthworms is less compacted, is more nutrient rich, and better mixed than land without them – leading to monumental changes in the ecosystem.

The author is considering adding the following sentence.

Earthworms were originally aquatic organisms that were ill-equipped to survive on land.

Should the author make this addition?

No, because it distracts from the discussion on niche construction. 

Yes, because it adds information about the roles of earthworms as niche creators.

No, because the author does not further address why this fact is important.

Yes, because it explains the prediction made in the next sentence.

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