NCLEX : Admission and Discharge

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Ethics, Processing, And Care

The nurse cares for a patient hospitalized for 5 days with pneumonia. He is about to be discharged and the nurse is providing discharge instructions to the patient and the family. Which statement made by the patient’s family should most concern the nurse?

Possible Answers:

“He should stay away from other sick people because his immune system is still weak.”

“He can start doing his chores when he feels better, but shouldn’t overexert himself and should rest a lot.”

“He can eat normally but we have to make sure he has a nutritious diet.”

“He still has to use the incentive spirometer to keep his airways clear and open.”

“He can stop taking the antibiotics when the symptoms are gone.”

Correct answer:

“He can stop taking the antibiotics when the symptoms are gone.”


When a patient has an infection and is prescribed antibiotics, the patient should always take the full course of the medication and never discontinue the medication. It is easy for patients to believe they can stop taking the medication when the symptoms are resolved, but the nurse needs to educate the patient to continue the full regimen. The rest of the statements are accurate; the patient must get adequate rest, eat well, use the incentive spirometer, and stay away from others who are sick until he is well.

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