MCAT Physical : Other Lens and Mirror Principles

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Other Lens And Mirror Principles

Jimmy is farsighted and uses a convex lens to correct his vision. Wendy is nearsighted and uses a concave lens to correct her vision. They both wear glasses. During a camping trip, they notice they do not have any matches, and decide to use their glasses to start the fire. Whose glasses could be used to start the fire?

Possible Answers:

Both glasses would work equally well



Neither glasses would work

Correct answer:



This question deals with an application of optics. In this case we have a farsighted person and a near sighted person. The farsighted person would use a convex lens, which is a converging lens. This would allow all of the rays of light to converge on a single point, allowing them to heat the object up and start a fire. Wendy’s glasses are diverging lenses, which would cause the rays to separate.

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