Test: MAP 2nd Grade Reading

The Big Game

Max plays on a summer baseball team. The team’s name is The Dragons and the team wears bright green jerseys to each of their games. So far this season, The Dragons have won every game that they have played. They have one game left, the championship game. The winner of the championship game gets a giant trophy and a big pizza party after the game. 

On the morning of the championship game Max woke up early, too excited to sleep! From his room he could smell bacon and pancakes, so he rushed to the kitchen. His mom had woken up early and cooked a breakfast for a champion! After his belly was full and he had put on his bright green uniform, Max and his family drove to the ballpark for his final baseball game. 

The game started out slow, the score was still  going into the top of the ninth inning. When it was Max’s turn to bat, the bases were full. On the first pitch, Max put all of his might behind his swing and the ball went soaring out of the park! He stood and watched as his three teammates came running for home-plate, then he took off, and ran around the bases. 

The final score of the game was , Max’s team had won because of his home run hit! 


What is the first thing we learn about Max? 

He plays on a baseball team

He has won all of his baseball games

He hit a home run

His team name is The Dragons 

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