Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

The company now only hires persons with a post-graduate degree. Further, the company prefers to hire employees with significant work experience. Performance evaluations over the years have shown, however, that new hires with significant work experience outperform those without such experience, regardless of education level. Therefore, if the company relaxes the degree requirement and makes significant work experience mandatory, overall employee performance among new hires should increase.


Which one of the following is an assumption that would allow the conclusion above to be properly drawn?

New hires are evaluated by the company every six months to determine their employee performance.

All performance evaluations by the company are done fairly and accurately.

The company's hiring policy has been in place long enough to determine its long-term effects.

Some persons with post-graduate degrees have been unable to gain significant work experience while completing their studies.

Some new hires at the company have previously included persons who have a post-graduate degree, but no significant work experience.

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