Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Light bulb manufacturers have recently been forced to recall certain models of their LED bulbs due to overheating.  The bulbs reportedly heated to the point that they produced smoke and fire, damaging customers’ lamps, walls, carpets, and other furniture.  But many of these accidents could have been avoided had customers merely practiced energy conservation and turned off the lights when not in use.  Indeed, according to one consumer study, over 90% of property damage from light bulb overheating occurs when no one is in the room to see what is happening.


The statements above, if true, most strongly support which one of the following?

Some property damage from light bulb overheating would likely not have occurred if more customers turned off their LED light bulbs when not in use.

If more customers had turned off their LED light bulbs when not in use, a recall of LED light bulbs would not have been necessary.

LED light bulbs are, according to customers, less safe than other types of light bulbs.

When a customer’s lamp, wall, carpet, or other furniture has been damaged by an overheated light bulb, it is probable that the customer has not been practicing energy conservation.

A light bulb is less likely to produce smoke and fire if a person is in the room during the period of time when it overheats.

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