Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Advertisement: Coma Cola is the best-tasting cola on the market and we conducted a test using over 1000 cola consumers to prove it. Each consumer was given two identical cups filled with a carbonated beverage from the same fountain. One cup was filled with Coma Cola and the other was filled with unadulterated soda water. Ninety-nine percent of the consumers preferred the Coma Cola. So, Coma Cola is the best tasting cola available.


The advertisement’s reasoning is most vulnerable to criticism on the grounds that it fails to consider whether ___________________

Any portion of the population is allergic to any of the ingredients in Coma Cola.

Coma Cola is cheaper or more expensive than other colas.

The consumers tested had the opportunity to evaluate colas other than Coma Cola.

The consumers tested had the opportunity to evaluate flavored soft drinks other than colas.

Coma Cola has more or less caffeine than other colas.

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