Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Cell phone technology has progressed more quickly than almost anyone could have predicted. Only fifteen years ago was it even conceivable that handheld devices might be able to both store large amounts of data and access the internet. Yet, just a few years later, cell phones accomplish both of these things and are readily accessible to the public. While technology usually advances at predictable, moderate speed, advancements during some periods are so rapid as to be truly remarkable. The development of the cell phone provides an example of just such a time.


The author of the argument is most likely to agree with which of the following?

Fifteen years ago, people thought it was unlikely that a handheld device would ever be capable of accessing the internet

Cell phone technology advancements are likely to slow in the near future

The rapid development of cell phone technology is likely to continue in the future

The speed of cell phone technology development is not typical of technological developments

Technological developments proceed more quickly than other types of developments

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