Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Sociologist: The results of recent studies show that population growth has actually slowed in Asia and Africa in the last five years, while it has accelerated in parts of North America and Europe. But we should not put too much stock in this trend, for growth rates are cyclical, and are thus likely to equalize within another ten years.


Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main conclusion of the sociologist's argument?

It would be unwise to make broad generalizations about population growth based solely on the results of recent studies.

North America and Europe will soon overtake Asia in overall population if trends demonstrated by recent growth studies are allowed to continue.

Population growth has, in fact, been slowing in various parts of the world.

If ten years passes and growth rates have not equalized, it can be safely deduced that the current population growth trends are likely to continue.

Population growth rates are cyclical, and are likely to equalize given a sufficient amount of time.

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