Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning


Students that drink green tea while studying have higher test scores than those that drink soda while studying. Tea manufacturers emphasize that students who reported drinking green tea while preparing for a test achieved consistently higher test scores than those students who reported drinking soda while preparing for the same test. If this claim is true, then if the students who drink soda switched to drinking green tea, their test scores will rise.

The reasoning in this argument is flawed because the argument

accepts the conjecture without challenge that green tea is healthier for students than soda

ignores the possibility that students who drink green tea may have other characteristics besides their drink preference that yield to higher test scores than those students who prefer to drink soda

utilizes an unsupported assumption that soda lowers the IQ of students

fails to consider the cost difference between a cup of green tea and a can of soda

does not provide the precise percentage rise in scores of drinking green tea

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