Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Standard sheets of printer paper do not vary in the amount of wood pulp that they contain. Twenty-five percent of the wood pulp contained in a certain class of sheets of standard printer paper (Class B) was recycled from used sheets of standard printer paper of a different class (Class A). Since all Class A sheets were recycled into Class B sheets and since the amount of material other than wood pulp in a sheet of standard printer paper is negligible, it follows that Class B contains 4 times as many sheets of paper as Class A.


The conclusion of the argument follows logically if which one of the following is assumed?

Class B sheets of paper cannot be recycled further.

Unrecycled wood pulp is of better quality than recycled wood pulp.

The percentage of wood pulp in a sheet of standard printer paper that can be recovered during recycling varies depending on how such paper was used.

When a sheet of standard printer paper is a recycled, all of its wood pulp is recovered.

All of the paper in Class A had been made from recycled wood pulp.

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