Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Publisher: It is usually not a good idea for a first-time author to begin with a novel which the author intends to become part of a series. Most series novels are not published, but publishing companies are more likely to make series deals with authors who have previously published at least one stand-alone novel. If the stand-alone novel is a success, it is a good possibility that a subsequent series by that author will also be successful.


Which one of the following most accurately describes the role played in the publisher’s argument by the statement that most series novels are not published?

It is one of the argument’s conclusions, but not its main conclusion.

It is an unsupported statement which serves only to weaken the argument.

It is the argument’s only conclusion.

It is a claim that is used to introduce another claim which supports the argument’s main conclusion.

It identifies a condition which, if not met, is fatal to the argument’s main conclusion.

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