Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Poet: True sincerity is spoken from the heart, without filters. This form of expression contrasts sharply with what is (sadly) the more common way of speaking: a manner in which communication is made to create a comfortable situation, rather than to speak the truth. 


Which of the following individuals best embodies the message that the poet is conveying?

A piano teacher, aggravated at his pupil’s refusal to practice, vents to a colleague that the pupil’s lack of motivation has caused him to feel utterly unmotivated as well.

A student, frustrated with the classroom preparation that she was given to tackle a problem set, respectfully tells her professor that she feels that she was not adequately instructed on the material necessary for her to complete her assignment. 

While a husband is out with his wife, he wants her to feel loved and appreciated. He tells her in complete honesty that from the moment he saw her, he thought she was stunning and had felt immediately drawn to her. 

A writer, outraged that no publishing house has yet agreed to publish his manuscript, sends an angry email to his agent in order to release his frustrations. The writer’s email accuses the agent of not advocating on his behalf with enough zeal. 

A mother, worried that her son will not earn good grades if he does not start studying, tells him, “If you want to get into college, you really need to start doing your homework.”

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