Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Frank: I’m tired of hearing people talk about ghosts and disembodied spirits nowadays. Everyone knows that thousands of years ago these supernatural forces were given as explanations for phenomena which we could not explain. Now that we have a scientific explanation for these occurrences, there’s no reason to go back to the old myths.

Annie: These old myths, while they might not sound as logical as you’d like them to, are vital to the continuing development of both religion and literature in many cultures. Besides, who is to say that ghosts don’t exist? Just because something can be explained scientifically doesn’t rule out the possibility of supernatural intervention that happens to utilize natural laws.


Annie’s statement that the “old myths” spoken of by Frank were vital to the development of religion and literature in many cultures serves to:

refute Frank’s assertion that supernatural forces cannot explain certain phenomena

illustrate a point which is further developed in the remainder of Annie’s argument

challenge Frank’s conclusion by providing an example of usefulness outside a scientific context

merely change the topic of discussion rather than address Frank’s argument

provide an emotional argument to challenge Frank’s logical one

1/3 questions


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