Test: LSAT Logic Games

Exactly seven cities—Albany, Boston, Chicago, Denver, El, Paso, Fairbanks, and Glendale—are visited on a politician’s campaign trail. Each city is visited only once during the campaign. No cities are visited at the same time as each other. The following conditions apply to the campaign:

            Chicago is either the third or the fifth city visited.

            Boston is visited immediately before El Paso.

            There is exactly one city visited between Chicago and Glendale.           

            Fairbanks is either the first or the last city visited.


Which of the following could be a complete and accurate order in which the cities are visited from first to last?

Fairbanks, Chicago, Albany, Glendale, Denver, Boston, El Paso 

Boston, Denver, Chicago, El Paso, Glendale, Albany, Fairbanks

Boston, El Paso, Chicago, Albany, Glendale, Fairbanks, Denver

Fairbanks, Denver, Chicago, Albany, Glendale, Boston, El Paso

Fairbanks, Denver, Chicago, Glendale, Boston, El Paso, Albany

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