Test: LSAT Logic Games

The directors of a movie festival are deciding the lineup of their six films: Causes, Brothers, Willow, Above, Forged, and Monarchy. The festival will span Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. At least one movie must be played each night, and there can be no more than three played the same evening. No movie is played more than once. The directors have decided on the following:

Monarchy is played on the night directly after Brothers.
Willow is played on the same night as Above.
If Causes is played on Saturday, then Above is played on Friday.
Brothers and Forged do not play on the same night.
Forged does not play by itself.


What is the possible order of the six films?

Friday: Brothers, Forged

Saturday: Causes, Monarchy

Sunday: Above, Willow

Friday: Brothers, Above

Saturday: Monarchy, Causes

Sunday: Forged, Willow

Friday: Brothers, Above, Willow

Saturday: Causes, Monarchy

Sunday: Forged

Friday: Causes, Brothers

Saturday: Willow, Above

Sunday: Monarchy, Forged

Friday: Above, Willow

Saturday: Causes, Brothers

Sunday: Monarchy, Forged

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