Test: LSAT Logic Games

Six baseball players -- Billings, Carter, Dalton, Freeman, Garcia, and Hallstrom -- are to be placed in a batting order. Each player will bat once, and players will bat one at a time. The players' coach will decide the batting order according to the following conditions:

Both Carter and Dalton will bat earlier than Garcia.

Hallstrom will not bat fifth.

Freeman will bat at some time between Hallstrom's and Garcia's batting times.

If Dalton bats earlier than Carter, then Hallstrom will bat earlier than Freeman.


Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the players' batting order, from first to last?

Carter, Billings, Freeman, Dalton, Garcia, Hallstrom

Dalton, Billings, Carter, Garcia, Freeman, Hallstrom

Carter, Dalton, Billings, Garcia, Freeman, Hallstrom

Carter, Dalton, Garcia, Freeman, Hallstrom, Billings

Carter, Freeman, Garcia, Hallstrom, Dalton, Billings

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