Test: LSAT Logic Games

Five students—Max, Nancy, Pete, Raina, and Trig—will each learn to play exactly one of three instruments—cello, flute, or violin—in their first semester of school. The instrument each student plays will be based on the following conditions:

Max learns to play the same instrument as Nancy.

Pete and Raina do not learn to play the same instrument.

Trig learns to play either the cello or the flute.

If Pete learns to play the violin, Max also learns to play the violin.

Each student learns to play his/her instrument along with at least one other student.


Which of the following could be true of the instruments the students learn to play?

Max, Nancy, Pete, and Trig learn cello, and Raina learns violin.

Max, Nancy, and Pete learn flute, and Raina and Trig learn cello.

Max, Pete, and Trig learn flute, and Nancy and Raina learn violin.

Max, Nancy, and Raina learn cello, and Pete and Trig learn violin.

Pete, Raina, and Trig learn cello, and Max and Nancy learn flute.

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