Test: LSAT Logic Games

Exactly  runners-- Amanda, Brianna, Cristina, Eli, Francis and Gaby-- will compete in a  meter race. Each runner will run in one of the six lanes, numbered  through . No two runners share a lane, and all lane assignments comply with the following conditions:

Cristina runs in a higher-numbered lane than Brianna.

Francis runs in either the sixth lane or the first lane.

Amanda runs in neither the first nor the fifth lane.

Gaby runs in a lane numbered two higher than Eli.


Which of the following could be an accurate list of runners, listed in order from lane  through lane ?

Brianna, Francis, Cristina, Eli, Amanda, Gaby 

Eli, Amanda, Gaby, Cristina, Brianna, Francis

Francis, Eli, Brianna, Gaby, Amanda, Cristina

Eli, Amanda, Gaby, Brianna, Cristina, Francis

Brianna, Eli, Amanda, Cristina, Gaby, Francis

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