Test: LSAT Logic Games

Seven college journalism students—Marco, Nora, Phillip, Roger, Sandra, Vicki, and Wallace—are required to write news items throughout the semester. For each of their news items, the students either write alone or with one another, in accordance with the following:

            Roger writes on every news item on which Marco writes.

            Marco writes on every news item on which Vicki writes.

            Phillip writes on every news item on which Nora does not write.

            Neither Phillip nor Sandra write on any news item on which Roger writes.


Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the students who write together for a news item?

Marco, Nora, Sandra, Vicki

Marco, Sandra, Vicki, Wallace

Nora, Phillip, Roger, Wallace

Nora, Phillip, Sandra, Wallace

Marco, Phillip, Roger, Sandra

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