Test: LSAT Logic Games

During a period of six consecutive days (day 1 - day 6) each of exactly six restaurants will be inspected by the department of health. During this period, each of the restaurants will be inspected exactly once, one restaurant per day. The schedule for the inspections must follow these conditions:
     A is inspected on either day 1 or day 6.
     D is inspected on an earlier day than E is inspected.
     E is inspected on the day immediately before F is inspected.
     If B is inspected on day 3, then E is inspected on day 5.


Which one of the following could be a list of the restaurants in order of their scheduled inspections, from day 1 through day 6?

B, D, E, F, A, C

A, E, F, C, D, B

B, D, E, C, F, A

B, C, D, E, F, A

D, C, B, E, F, A

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