Test: LSAT Logic Games

A storage facility for race cars has six garages, positioned side-by-side and numbered sequentially, from left to right, 1 through 6. Each garage stores a specific car and only that car. The cars have names given to them by their owners: Fury, Grand Slam, Lambast, Moxie, Piston, and Titrus.

The following conditions apply:

The garage storing Grand Slam is numbered higher than the garage holding Lambast.

The garage storing Lambast is numbered higher than the garage storing Titrus.

Piston is stored somewhere to the right of where Fury is stored.

Titrus is stored next to Piston.


Which one of the following must be false?

Fury is next to Moxie

Lambast is next to Fury

Grand Slam is next to Moxie

Piston is next to Lambast

Titrus is next to Fury

1/40 questions


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