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Private online tutoring for students with ADHD in Los Angeles, CA

Receive personally tailored lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting who understand students with ADHD. We help you connect with in-home and online tutoring that offers flexible scheduling and your choice of locations.'

100% Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee

At Varsity Tutors, we're committed to connecting you to top tutors capable of delivering an outstanding experience. That's why we provide a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for tutors in Los Angeles, CA for students with ADHD? Varsity Tutors can help.

We know the daily challenges that you face trying to help a family member with ADHD, so Varsity Tutors wants to connect you with patient and experienced Los Angeles tutors for students with ADHD who can provide expert support to your child. ADHD, or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects millions of children and can continue into adulthood. With the help of an experienced private teacher who knows how to work with students with ADHD, your child can better manage their condition.

ADHD affects a group of key mental skills known as executive function. Executive function is our brain's self-regulation system. It impacts the ability to focus, organize, use working memory, and other skills. Students with ADHD have trouble with impulsivity, focus, and hyperactivity —all of which can negatively affect their schoolwork. Los Angeles tutoring for students with ADHD can give you and your child access to strategies that can make learning more effective.

What skills can my student cover with a Los Angeles tutor near me for students with ADHD?

Since private instruction is personalized, the skills your student can learn during their lessons can vary depending on many factors. Their teacher can follow your student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or address any concerns listed on their 504 Plan if those services are a part of their education. They can also assess your student during the first sessions and help identify their strengths, interests, and how they naturally learn concepts and use this information to adjust their teaching methods. If your student seems to respond better to visual cues, for example, their instructor can work with them in creating picture schedules or visual planners to help them get organized.

Students with ADHD experience several classroom-related problems such as forgetting instructions from their teacher or difficulty prioritizing tasks. Their tutor can help them deal with these issues by training them to use checklists or exploring different ways to improve your child's working memory and build flexible thinking skills. By working with an experienced Los Angeles tutor for students with ADHD, you can be confident that your child will learn through teaching methods most suitable for them and ones that leverage their strengths and natural learning style.

What are the benefits offered by Los Angeles tutors for students with ADHD?

Through Los Angeles tutoring for students with ADHD, your child can experience several benefits not easily attainable in a regular classroom setting. Private lessons are one-on-one sessions where your child receives highly personalized assistance. This means they have their instructor's full attention and can receive instant feedback and detailed guidance during their activities. This instant feedback can be very helpful in instilling new skills and reinforcing good behavior since your student can correct themselves while the idea is still fresh in their minds.

Private lessons are not only beneficial to students —but they can also be a way for parents like you to gain insights on structured teaching methods and effective strategies that could positively impact your child's learning process. For instance, your child's mentor might talk to you about different tips designed to help them better follow directions such as breaking directions down into steps or trying to group things together in ways that make sense. They can also suggest ways how to organize your student's backpack, how to develop time-management skills and show up for classes on time, or how to use your student's smartphone to keep them on track even after the session is over.

How can I find a Los Angeles tutor near me for students with ADHD?

Contacting Varsity Tutors is the easiest way you can get connected with an experienced Los Angeles tutor for students with ADHD. We can find an all-in-one instructor for a younger student or a mentor who can handle study skills and subject-specific lessons for a high school student.

Online private lessons take place on our proprietary Live Learning Platform where your student uses video chat to meet with their instructor. All sessions are recorded as well, so you and your child can go back and watch previous lessons if ever you want to review a strategy for improving working memory or any other technique you learned from the private teacher. There's also a virtual whiteboard and a shared document editor that makes online lessons as effective as lessons in person. Your student doesn't need to worry about an extra commute. They can study from home or at locations like the Los Angeles Public Library - Memorial Branch.

Call us today to learn more about Los Angeles tutoring for students with ADHD. Whether you go for online or in-person lessons, you'll get the same flexibility when it comes to setting your student's study schedule. We vet each private teacher so you can be confident that your child will be guided by qualified and caring instructors who are knowledgeable in helping students with ADHD.

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