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Session Summaries by LSAT Tutors

Lakewood, CA LSAT tutoring
In my last session with the student, we went over problem sets she did on her own and then continued working on additional problem sets. I gave her 2 more sets to do on her own and will email the answers. I wish her the best of luck on her upcoming exam!
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Lakewood, CA LSAT tutoring
The student and I spent most of tonight reviewing properties of exponents and introducing the concepts of negative and fractional exponents. I also brought in the topics of working in different base number systems and explained how our number system was based on exponents of 10 and how this was employed with scientific notation. I gave him some quick notes on exponent operations and we will go into this topic in more detail next week, along with operations on radicals (roots).
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Lakewood, CA LSAT tutoring
The student and I went over her homework from last time. She was able to get all but two problems correct, so she's doing well on general algebra, geometry, and real-world math problems. Today we worked on the remaining odds and ends of the quantitative section. We started with probability. I told her to find the numerator and denominator of the fraction independently. After this we went over probability of multiple events. I advised her to identify each event, name them, then separate them with plus or times signs depending on if the events are A or B, or if they are A and B. At this point she only needs to find the fraction for each event and substitute it for her names and then it's just a matter of simple arithmetic. We quickly went over factorials; she had no problem with this. Afterwards we practiced with permutations and combinations. I told the student that the first thing she should always ask herself with this kind of problem is if order matters. Then she will know if she needs to divide or not. Then I advised her to draw one space for each selection, put the number of options for that space in the space, and multiply everything. We finally went over the two ways to solve these problems if there is some restriction: she can either find the number of combinations of each scenario independently and add them, or she can find the number of ways that violate the restriction and subtract that number from the total number of groups that can be formed. We quickly went over function notation. I advised her to use substitution for this kind of problem and then the solution should be straightforward. She had forgotten how the plugging in strategy works so I reminded her that she has to find a target number, then evaluate each answer choice to see which one is equal to the target she found. Finally we went over group/Venn diagram problems. I showed her a simple formula that works for the majority of these problems. She simply has to identify which variable she is trying to solve for and then plug in the numbers for all the other variables. We finished by doing a practice problem set of these odds and ends. She ran into difficulty a couple of times with simple computations, but didn't have any trouble with the concepts involved in the problem types we went over today. For homework I gave her a comprehensive math set to do, and asked her to do a full practice test. She should time herself according to the GRE time limits to try to simulate the actual test conditions.
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