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Session Summaries by GMAT Tutors

Lake Station, IN GMAT tutoring
[COVERED]: We finished up atomic structure by quickly reviewing the Bohr model, and comparing its discrete shells to the fuzzy ones in the quantum model, also noting how the quantum model informed sub-level structure in the cloud. We discussed the actual quantum numbers, their possible values, and salient facts about each. In passing, we analyzed the layout of the periodic table, showing how to use it as a "cheat sheet." We discussed the cause and quantification of periodic trends, using some example problems to ensure that she truly understood the concepts, especially at tricky boundary conditions. We moved on to electronegativity and bond type. Throughout the lesson, we had been emphasizing the factors of radial distance and orbital volume as determinants of electrostatic potential energy, so we were able to nicely discuss molecular orbitals and why atoms hybridize their orbitals in the first place. We discussed incomplete octets and expanded octets, sigma and pi bonds, and stopped there. [PROGRESS/CHALLENGES]: The student was getting anxious about timing. I told her that it was super-important to understand what is going on at a fundamental level in a crystal-clear fashion. This attention to detail helped elucidate the fact that while she had a pretty good grasp on some topics in orbital chemistry, she had some significant gaps in truly understanding the terminology (orbital vs. subshell, the meaning of Z-eff), and some causal connections (factors influencing atomic radius). Once addressed however, the later arguments about bonding, and previews of intermolecular interactions were not only tenable, but pretty smooth. I am glad she had faith enough in the method to hold out for the payoff. [EXTRA PRACTICE]: The student will pre-read for inter-molecular forces and gasses, and do problems on what we covered.
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Lake Station, IN GMAT tutoring
The student and I spent the first half of today's session working on her practice analysis of an argument essay. I'm seeing a huge improvement in her writing already, and we mainly focused on smaller issues today: providing more body paragraph examples, determining when to use definite language and when to use hypothetical language, adding "pre-wrap-up sentences,"ù and wording ideas as well as possible. We finished up the session with a new analyzing an issue prompt, with the student first brainstorming examples and then developing one of those examples into a full body paragraph. She's going to continue writing sample essays on her own and then contact me when she's ready for another session. It's a pleasure to work with her!
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Lake Station, IN GMAT tutoring
The student and I reviewed an essay that he had written. He had an excellent introduction and organization, as well as a compelling introduction, conclusion, and overall essay. I feel like I saw a lot of improvement. We also discussed paying attention to word repetition (i.e., using the word "mistake" for several sentences in a row), as well using more examples to support his points. We also went over several essay prompts. I timed him for ten minutes the first time on an argument essay, where I had him write out an introduction paragraph and outline his essay. We ended up doing several more timed prompts where I gave him five minutes to write out his questions (for the argument prompts) or his agree/disagree statements (for the analyze an issue prompts). I emailed him the word document with the prompts and his notes. I felt like this exercise gave him practice identifying what he could write about. I encouraged him to do more of these exercises, but add in writing the introduction and transition sentences, paying special attention to his "road map" sentence. I ended the session by letting him know that he is more than welcome to reach out to me via email for help. I think he has shown improvement, and I'm hopeful that this section of the test will go more smoothly for him in June!
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