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Private online tutoring for students with learning differences in Houston, TX

Receive personally tailored lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting who can support students with learning disabilities. The best tutor isn't always located where you are. We help you connect with online tutoring that offers flexible scheduling.

100% Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee

At Varsity Tutors, we're committed to connecting you to top tutors capable of delivering an outstanding experience. That's why we provide a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for tutors in Houston, TX for students with learning disabilities? Varsity Tutors can help.

Varsity Tutors recognizes the challenges involved in providing support to a family member with a learning disability, so we want to help by finding experienced Houston learning disabilities tutors who can assist your student with their academic requirements. Different learning disabilities like dyslexia,dyscalculia, and dysgraphia have different symptoms, and each student will have a different set of challenges. That's why it's important to work with a Houston learning disabilities tutor who is well-versed in the specific condition your student is facing to make sure their lessons go as smoothly as possible.

What skills can a Houston learning disabilities tutor near me cover?

Your student can be trained on a variety of skills depending on their specific learning requirements. Instructors can study your student's IEP or 504 Plan to see where they can begin their lessons. Often, students will need help with homework or with increasing their executive function skills. Executive function skills make it possible for your student to organize, plan, and control impulses. These are usually the skills that students with learning disabilities might be struggling with. Your student's private instructor can use a variety of teaching techniques designed to address these issues.

Besides helping your student with schoolwork, private mentors can also introduce tips and useful tools that can help your child have an easier time managing their particular disability. A student with dyscalculia, for instance, might be struggling with counting items or understanding concepts like smallest to largest or tallest to shortest. Their instructor can help them strengthen their number sense by asking them to count out fuzzy cotton balls or sorting buttons. Through tried and tested techniques that involve multiple senses like sight, hearing, and touch, your student can have a more engaging learning experience that can make it easier for them to learn a skill or topic.

What benefits can Houston learning disabilities tutoring offer?

One of the things that can be really helpful for your student when it comes to studying is minimizing distractions in their learning environment. Private lessons provide a one-on-one, distraction-free online space that allows your student to focus better on the task at hand. The easier it is to focus, the faster your student can understand a topic or learn a skill.

Another benefit of having access to a private instructor is that your student receives personalized attention from their mentor. If they have any questions or are having trouble understanding some instructions, they can ask their instructor directly and get relevant and immediate answers. They don't need to compete or compare results with other students, so lessons can be conducted based on their own pace. There's also no pressure to move on to a new topic until your student is comfortable to do so.

When your student works with Houston learning disabilities tutors, they're not the only ones who can benefit. Parents like you can also pick up on a lot of effective strategies that can make daily life more manageable for you and your student. Instructors can suggest different apps that assist in improving your student's time-management skills or share techniques on how to improve your student's pencil grip and strengthen their fingers so they can write more legibly.

Are Houston learning disabilities tutoring sessions convenient?

We recognize that a busy schedule is one of the top reasons why parents and their students are not able to access the support they need in managing a learning disability. That's why we designed our own Live Learning Platform that offers a more convenient way to connect with trained instructors. You can set your student's study schedule and we do the work of finding an instructor who's able to meet with your student. All you need is a reliable internet connection to log into our platform. Your child can attend lessons from home or online from locations such as the Lanier Theological Library.

Our Live Learning Platform has several features that make online Houston learning disabilities tutoring sessions as effective and interactive as in-person lessons. Your student can share their screen with their instructor and use the shared document editor when working on assignments together. Their instructor can use the virtual whiteboard when giving visual cues and prompts during exercises. And if you and your student need to review a lesson, you can easily do so by watching the recordings of previous sessions on our platform.

How can I find a Houston learning disabilities tutor near me?

Getting the assistance of a private instructor can be an excellent way to support your child and mitigate the effects of their learning difficulty.If you're ready to connect with an expert and patient instructor for your student, call Varsity Tutors now! We can usually find you a qualified Houston learning disabilities tutor for both online or in-person private instruction in as little as 24 hours after receiving your call.

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