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Teacher Testimonials


Hotmath students who struggle with math have a tutor in their own home! "

Ann Conaway
National Board Certified Teacher / Mathematics Dept. Chair
Palisade High School, CO

Hotmath It cuts down on the question and answer period during class, leaving me with more time for instruction! "

Jill McBride
Saddleback Christian Academy, CA

Hotmath and parents have told me that this is a valuable reference for them, too. "

Brian Fleischman
7-12 Math Teacher / Math Chairperson
Cedar Bluffs Public School, NE

"My Hotmath to help them with their algebra homework. I teach advanced students who want to do well and learn how to work out the problems , not just use the odd answers from the textbook."

Renee Munsey
Algebra 1 and Math 8 Teacher / Math Department Chair
Roanoke County Schools, VA

Hotmath The step-by-step process showing how to solve each problem is especially helpful. "

Steve Sherry
Teacher - Grade 6
Del Cerro Elementary School, CA