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... Students can obtain step-by-step homework help for math problems from their specific math textbook via the outstanding Hotmath website. ... USA Today - 7/27/06

"... UNLEASHES YOUR INNER EINSTEIN ..." New York Times, 8/14/03

Hi, this is my story how Hotmath helped me. I was a few days before the final test of the year, and I was stuck on those ones that go, 2x+5=1x+7. So I called up my friend and I asked him what to do. He said go to Hotmath and I did. That night, I finally figured out how to do them. On the test, I really surprised myself and got a 106 percent! Loveland, CO.

In the beginning of the year, I was getting straight F's! It had nothing to do with my teacher. He is a great teacher, I just never asked for help. Then I decided to get my help from Hotmath, and my grades went up 3 letter grades!!! My parents were sooo proud! Santa Maria, CA.

I've always had trouble with math. I could never really understand the way that the teachers taught. I would be okay in class, but when I got home, it was a different story. My math teacher suggested that I try Hotmath, and to my surprise, it made the hugest difference in the world! If I don't understand a process, I just look on Hotmath, and it helps me, step by step, instead of just supplying me with the answer. The fact that you have the answers too is good though. I can make sure I'm doing things right and coming up with the correct answer. Thank you so much for helping me in math. I have gone from failing to a B! Vancouver, WA

Thank you very much because I don't like to go to my algebra class. Hotmath helps me a lot so thank you. It also teaches me more than my teacher. Vallejo, CA.

I was getting a C- in Algebra II/Trig. Honors, and then a friend told me about Hotmath. Now I'm pulling a B+ and I can honestly say that I understand what I'm doing. La Canada, CA

I studied really hard the night before the test with my handy-dandy textbook and this website and the next day I got a 94 on my test! It was the first A in math my whole year. Thanx a bunch to this website. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Thanks for providing a lot of help to me this year. I had algebra 1 and I used to struggle through doing many problems. I had class average c. I was disappointed. Once my teacher told us about Hotmath, I was curious and wanted to see about it. When I had a hard time doing a problem, I went to Hotmath and it showed me the correct way. I raised my grade from C to an A. Thanks. Milpitas, CA

I can't tell you how many times this site has helped me with calculus homework and understanding concepts. It is difficult to find the kind of help one needs at college, so this site really helps me, and most everyone I know in my class. The hints help us get started, which is usually all that I need, but even if it doesn't the step by step solutions help me understand the concepts behind the answer. Thank you all very much from me, and from all of my fellow Calc classmates at UW. Seattle, WA

Hello, I am a sophomore in an alternative high school. I have always had great difficulty with math. Since I found out about Hotmath I have been earning credits much faster than before. THANK YOU HOTMATH. Walnut, CA

I really enjoy this website. You can't imagine how it help with my tests and homework. I really like this. Thanks to all of you hard workers at Hotmath. it sure help me a lot. You deserve an award for your hard work and god bless your hardworking souls. Take care. Thank You Again!!! :) Bakersfield, CA

I really appreciate what the people of Hotmath have done at this web site to help me better understand Algebra. Before this site, I really couldn't understand this. Now I do! Thanks A Lot! Oceanside, CA

I had some problems in math and my teacher wasn't helping at all. She gave the whole class a website to go to. She said it would help. I went to it later that week, and found out how to do fractions and much much much more!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Your site helps a bunch! Atlanta, GA

For two years I have been struggling with algebra. I had no idea that 8th grade math would be so hard for me. I got to a point where nothing made any sense and I was starting to fail all of my tests. My teacher told me that if I kept on failing, I was going to fail the class and have to repeat the class next year. I heard about Hotmath one day so I looked it up. Since then I have been on the site every night and I have been getting A's on my tests, benchmarks, and homework. I am so relieved that I actually understand the stuff. Now I am passing and will move on to Geometry next year. Thank you HOTMATH! Winters, CA

I was getting all low C's on my Unit Finals in math: a 72% here, a 70% there. Then, one day, I told myself I wasn't going to take it anymore. I got myself organized and buckled down with Hotmath. On my last Unit Final, Quadratic Equations, I got an A! Pikesville, MA

I was failing geometry. The teacher is very smart, but not a good teacher. She told us about Hotmath and said we could use it for homework. My mom had been helping me, but it was getting hard for her to remember all the math. When I went to Hotmath for the first time I was so amazed that it was so easy to understand the problems! It was easy to go and find the problem, then it was easy to understand the explanation! My math geometry grade has gone up since I started going to your site. Thank you very much. Simi Valley, CA

Well, in math class I sometimes get lost. Actually, a lot of the times I do, or at least during the times when you actually have to think. So, what do I do? I come home, get on the computer and go to Hotmath. I get good grades on my homework and on my tests. Just today, at 10:00 I am stuck on the unit circle and Hotmath has helped my once again. Oh. There is something to show for it. I am a freshman in accelerated algebra 2 and I have 121% in that class. "Thanks Hotmath!" Hillsboro, OR

When I didn't use Hotmath my algebra skills were good, when I started using it, it's even better!! Thanks to Hotmath's nice detailed explanations on the hard problems. San Francisco, CA

Hey you people of Hotmath, I really would like to thank the fact that this website is even on the internet because I was having some trouble with my math homework and I didn't know who to ask to get help from so I went online and the questions I had the other websites just didn't fit the criteria I was looking for so then I spot this website and I check things out and I was like oh my goodness this is like an answered prayer. But I really appreciate this website and it really answers a lot of my question but only if we had a website like this in every subject in high school. Thanks for letting me take up some of your time. Wichita, KS

It helps me when I need help with my homework. I always have trouble. Birdsboro, PA

I am electrical engineering student and I have just completed Calculus II with a 4.0! I was looking for help with my home work and stumbled on to your website last semester while taking Calculus I. Since then I have used your website for clarification of difficult concepts that I have encountered these past two semesters. I highly recommend your website to all of my class mates as well as the students seeking help in the math lab at school. I will be tutoring this summer at the college and I plan to tell more students and faculty about your valuable service. Thank you. Harrisburg, PA

For a while I was having a hard time in math. My teacher would try to help me but I didn't understand her methods. At school a fellow student gave me the url to Hotmath. When I got home from school I got on the site and looked up my homework. It was so easy, especially with its step-by-step instructions. Now I have an "A" in math thanks to Hotmath. It's especially good if you like to be on the computer like me because I can do my homework at the same time! El Dorado Hills, CA

I had lots of trouble in math failing and dropping out of classes. With Hotmath, I learned my topics well and did not forget them come testing time. Now I am ahead of many of the kids in my grade and I am getting A+'s!!! Thank you Hotmath. I love you, Baby!! Poway, CA

Thanks for this cool math website. Now I do all my homework now, and went from an F to an A.

Thank You. This really helped me a lot with my homework. Now I know how to do the problems. In a scale of 1-10 I'd give Hotmath a 10.5

Hot math is a wonderful website. It really is. I am a seventh grader in the first half of Algebra 1 and the pace in my class is very fast. You really have to work hard to keep up in that class. I have trouble understanding things and people who have tried to help me in math have become frustrated with me because of that. To see step by step directions has really helped me because I can see exactly where I am having trouble. I have told all my friends about this website and they have loved it very much as well. You guys out there have put so much effort into this website and I thank you all so very much. You are assisting so many students with their homework and making a big difference in their lives. My parents don't have that much money so not needing a tutor anymore has helped my family out a lot financially. Thanks again!!!

First off, I would just like to say how much I appreciate your web site. You have no idea how much it has helped me thus far in the school year. I am a senior in a ridiculous calculus class, and Hotmath is one of the very few things that are keeping me afloat in that class. So for that I thank you. Once again, I cannot express my gratitude to you enough for making a website like this available for people like myself. THANK YOU.

This is the most awesome website that I have ever used. Thank you so much for the time and effort spent for this project. I can't even image to numbers of children, teens and parents that this web site will be able to help and teach. Praise God for people like you.

Hi, I'm in the 12th grade and I was close to failing. Now, due to this program, I feel I will do much better because if I have a question about a problem, I don't have to wait till next class time to ask it. I love the fact I get to take care of it once and for all just by going to Hotmath. Thank you for creating such an inspiring program that enables students to learn math much easier and faster.

Hi, I'm first year college student in Edmonton, AB. I just had to write to say what a wonderful web site this is! I had a not so great calculus teacher, and the textbook is not very comprehensible, but the step by step explanations clarified every topic I was having difficulty with. So thank you so much for putting this site together, it has saved me a lot of stress! Thanks!

I love doing math homework with my kids - it's fun to be challenged and help them understand and succeed. But occasionally there is a problem that just stumps me and it is frustrating for me and for them. My son told me he heard about this website, and his algebra II book is on it. So, tonight when we had tried and tried to solve a problem, we went on the site and got the step by step solution. The site is so well thought out, and I love that the answers are only given a step at a time. THANK YOU from a grateful parent. I hope that my older daughter's college calculus text will be on the site next year. I will happily pay a fee for this service.

You are doing such a wonderful service for high school students and parents. My daughter said that you site explains the problems better than her teacher!

I am a geometry student. Math is one of my weakest subjects, but I've found Hotmath to be very helpful and accurate. I'd just like to thank you.

I just found out about your website today. I greatly appreciate your services and am just writing to thank you. Even though I just found your site near the end of the academic year I think it
will drastically help me in my calculus homework because I am not discouraged when I get a wrong answer because I can find out how to work the problem with the Hotmath assistance.

Hi, I am a computer science major. I have Calculus 2 this semester and I have been using your site every day. I just wanted to tell the people that made this site to keep up the incredible work. I just got a 96 out of a 100 on our first test, and 23 out of 25 on our previous quiz; mostly because of this site. In previous classes, if I couldn't understand a problem, it would discourage me from doing the rest of the assignment and I would eventually get so far behind I could never catch up. I do not have the money for a tutor and I think your site is better than most tutors could hope to be anyway. Thank you very much!

Thank you so much Hotmath. My teacher would not break problems down as much as you did. It feels great to understand what he's talking about. I raised my grade from a D- to an A!!! You guys are great!!!

You've made my daughter's homework time decrease so rapidly!!! Thank you hotmath.

This site is SO great!! I am going to tell all of my friends about it. Our Algebra teacher kinda sucks and we need help!! Finally we will get some!!!! I can't believe that I finally found something so great!!!

Thank you so much. I'm trying to help my daughter and I could not understand this and there was no one to turn to. I can finally move on. When I get stuck again, I'll be back. Thanks.

I want to thank you very much! This website helps so much especially if I missed a step in class! It also helps me to actually get what I'm doing! This is the best! Thanks!

I can't believe it! I had a D in math and your site made me understand how to do the problems step by step and that was my problem. Thank you so much for your wonderful site. Once again thank you!!!!!!!!! Signed, Anonymous

I have been your devoted follower for the past few years and the site is most helpful for my students when they are stuck on difficult word problems. The whole point of Hotmath, as far as I am concerned, is to allow students who do not have access to tutors (either due to a lack of family support or financial capability) to get help.


This website is wonderful. I have a hard time in math and when I found this website in the newspaper I knew that I was going to make it through Algebra II and also know that I will be able to up my GPA and graduate this year. Thanks. I have spread the word to all of my friends. Susan

Hotmath, a new website, offers practical homework help for all students addled by coefficients, gradients, and derivatives. Though not intended to be a panacea, it's a great resource for students who need extra help with math homework. TechTV

I want to thank you so much for this website in general! It has helped me a lot! I used to have a forty in algebra, now thanks to this I actually have a c+! The grade is not the best, but hey, now I'm passing!

Your site is great - we just discovered it on TechTV. Last year, my son's algebra class was a circus, so despite doing homework and attending class, it was a rough year. Tutors charge $40 an hour and they are hard to get into. Unbelievable! Your site will help many seeking success in math. Thanks!!

Last school year, I was enrolled in an Algebra 2 course, and used Hotmath. The site did wonders for me in terms of clarifying the subject material, and relieved much anxiety. I was then able to focus on just learning the subject material, instead of obsessing over whether my answers were right or wrong. I want to compliment the creators of the site for the effort they have taken to provide solutions for so many texts and math subjects. I am convinced that Hotmath will benefit many. Thank you for your time.

Great website!!! Very helpful. Denise

There are some great things out there, said Charlotte Phillips, teaching specialist in secondary math for Wichita schools ... whatever we can do to help our kids gain an understanding of math, I think that's our obligation to do. Wichita EAGLE

I found your site on Apple's website: Thank you for providing this valuable resource for students. My friend said to tell you: "This is a great resource. Thanks!"

We found Hotmath to be a great help in Algebra last year, and would like to have the same tutorial this year

One gratifying aspect of the Hotmath site is the success for ESL students, who may have trouble understanding their teacher or the textbook explanations. The site uses "plain talk" to keep students engaged. CMC CoMmuniCator

Hotmath is perfect for the student who has read the assigned section, attempted the homework problems and is stumped by a few. The TENNESSEAN

I will pass your site on to all our friends. It is a wonderful idea!

I am a student at UC Berkeley, and used your site frequently last semester. I got an A in my Math 1A course with the help of your website. I used it to do all my homework, and then check my answers against yours. When I got something wrong I would go through your solutions step by step and learn how to do the problem. Thanks, Nick

Real help for homework on-line. The site has all the problems worked out for the books listed ALG I to CALCULUS. If your child's book is listed, you can get step by step solutions to all the problems. You can look up a problem and then explain it to your child, or let them go directly to the site and work through the problems they're stuck on. Either way, no more getting stuck doing math homework :-))))!!!! FAMILY EDUCATION NETWORK

I love your site. Thanks for all the hard work. This is great! Aloha, Debra, Math teacher

My name is Susan and I am a student at Kent State University and I would like to say that this website is such a phenomenal thing to have. I used Hotmath to help me in calc 2 and I would like to be able to do the same for my calc 3 course. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Susan

Hotmath is a site designed to provide students with help in doing homework directly from their own books, and teachers with a resource to use in the classroom to demonstrate solutions in the classrooms directly from the book for individual students at their own individual pace. MATHFORUM

This is my first time ever using Hotmath and I think it is awesome. I am an 8th grader taking Algebra 1 and I find that Hotmath is a great tool. I love this site! Thanks a lot, Scott B, California

Hotmath is a great idea. My teacher told us about it, and emphasized what a good site it is. I have used it several times already (it's only been a couple weeks into the school year), and it is perfect for when my dad (the math guy) is gone, and I'm stuck. We're using Hotmath more and more. Thanks. Anthony, 8th grade student, Charlotte Wood Middle School.

Thank you very much. Now when I have problem with my homework, I can go to Hotmath and get some tips about geometry on how to do it and learn how to do it. I'll visit your site very often so. Once again, thank you very much.

This is such a good website!!! My friend told me about it and I'm so glad that I tried it!! This Hotmath helped me greatly. Thanks again! Hopefully now I can Ace my quiz! ~Erica~

you guys r awesome

This program is very good for all the students interested in math thank you!

Your web page is so cool! My teacher doesn't explain anything, but this helps a lot thanks!

This website is definitely the best math website I have been to. It really walks you through the problem, which helps a ton!!! Thanks!

This was my first time using hotmath, and it was great. It made it more interesting! I'm glad my teacher told me about it.

This site is the best site on the net for struggling calc students: it really helps a lot.

Thank you for the great service. I really learn a lot from it!

I think that this website is very helpful.... my math teacher doesn't really explain how to do anything he just gives us the assignment and tells us to do it ourselves and he will help if there are any questions, but this site really helps me learn how to do these problems thank you very much

Wow, I heard about Hotmath on NBC channel 3. I think this site just saved my life, because all the problems are all worked out and it uses my textbook so this is a great savior!! Thank you!!!

Thank you soooo much, you helped a lot!

Without this extra help, I would not be "getting" calculus. The ability to retrieve help from the computer is greater than words can say. Thanks a lot guys, Robert

Thanks. I just wish I had found this page sooner; it would have made my life a lot easier.


Thanks a lot! I'm in algebra 1 and I always come here when I'm stuck. I think it might be nice if you had a next problem button on the solution page so you don't have to click the back button a few times it would make this page a lot smoother, but even if you don't, I still appreciate this site. Thanx :)

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