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Circle Graphs

A circle graph is a way to organize data using the sectors of a circle.


Suppose you take a poll of the students in your class to find out their favorite foods, and get the following results:

  • Pizza – 41 %
  • Ice Cream – 24 %
  • Raw Mushrooms – 9 %
  • Dog Food – 11 %
  • Chicken Livers – 15 %

Organize this data in a circle graph.

The data are given as percentages. To make the sectors the right size, you need to use the fact that there are 360 degrees in a circle, and solve some proportions . For example, to find the number of degrees in the sector for chicken livers, you need to solve:


15 100 = x 360

It turns out that x = 54 , so you need to measure a 54 degree sector to represent the portion of the class that loves chicken liver.