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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Evaluate The Reasonableness Of Solutions

Which of the following would be a reasonable answer to the question

"What is the length of a candy bar?"

Possible Answers:

Ten kilowatts

Ten kilograms

Ten milliliters

Ten hectares

Ten centimeters

Correct answer:

Ten centimeters


The question is asking for unit of length. Of the units given in the five choices, only centimeters is a unit of length, and ten centimeters—the metric equivalent of about four inches—is a reasonable length for a candy bar.

Of the other units:

The kilogram is a unit of mass which corresponds to a little over two ounces.

The hectare is a unit of area, usually land, and is equivalent to about two and a half acres.

The milliliter is a very small unit of volume.

The kilowatt is a unit of power.

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