Test: HiSET: Language Arts - Writing

(1) The recent years have provided an increase in what many are calling “disruptive technologies:” applications and websites that allow the average person to circumvent the traditional means of doing business with taxis, hotels, and other services. These businesses are appealing because they cost much less, on average, than traditional services and can provide equal experiences. (2) The people who use them and the people who profit from them are passionate about these companies. (3) They have created millions of entrepreneurs who get what they put into their enterprise, while making traditional businesses rethink customer service and stuff like that. The question isn’t whether these disruptive technologies will last, but what other companies and industries are waiting to be disrupted. (4) Some of the most prominent examples of disruptive companies include Soooper, the driving service, Stay'nLay, the house-sharing service, and DogVacationland, a dog-sitting service.


Where should sentence 4 be moved in order to best organize the paragraph?

After sentence 1

Before sentence 1

After sentence 2

After sentence 3

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