Test: HiSET: Language Arts - Writing

After attending a performance of a local jazz band, a blogger wrote the following article.

1 The Mahoney Performing Arts Center played host to a truly inspiring performance by the William Eastwood Quintet last Saturday evening.  Although Mr. Eastwood and his fellow musicians have a songbook comprised solely of jazz standards, many of them are over 50 years old, the Quintet breathes new life into each song they play. The works of jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington were certainly in competent hands throughout the two-hour performance.

2 Eastwood departed from jazz tradition by beginning his set with a ballad, You Must Believe In Spring.  While this choice meant that the audience was not as energetic as it might be had he chosen a more upbeat number, it also gave listeners a chance to appreciate the outstanding interplay between the members of the Quintet.  Audience members who wanted to snap their fingers or clap along with the beat were rewarded by several livelier songs in the middle of the performance, climaxing with an incendiary rendition of Gillespie’s classic, Salt Peanuts.

3 While the focus of the show was clearly the outstanding saxophone playing of the band’s leader, Eastwood gave ample opportunities for his fellow musicians to shine.  In particular, pianist Devon Semien, who took the spotlight for a 5 minute solo during the classic Body and Soul. The entire band were in synch throughout the performance, signaling that William Eastwood is going to a force in the jazz world for years to come.


Which choice best replaces the bolded and underlined phrase?

(no change)

taking the spotlight by pianist Devon Semien for a 5 minute solo during the classic, Body and Soul.

pianist Devon Semien taking the spotlight for a 5 minute solo during the classic, Body and Soul.

pianist Devon Semien took the spotlight for a 5 minute solo during the classic, Body and Soul.

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