High School Biology : Understanding Glycolysis

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Example Question #11 : Cell Respiration

Which of the following processes can take place in an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment?

I. Glycolysis
II. Citric acid cycle
III. Electron transport chain

Possible Answers:

II only

II and III

I and II

None of these

I only

Correct answer:

I only


In glycolysis, a glucose molecule is broken down into two pyruvate molecules with a net gain of 2 ATP. Oxygen is not needed for this process, making glycolysis both an aerobic and anaerobic process. The citric acid cycle does not directly require oxygen, however it does require by-products from the electron transport chain, which does require oxygen to be the final electron acceptor. The electron transport chain is an aerobic process, and because the citric acid cycle relies on electron transport chain by-products, it is an aerobic process as well. 

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