GRE Subject Test: Chemistry : Equilibrium Constant and Reaction Quotient

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Example Question #691 : Mcat Physical Sciences

Which of the following is true regarding the solubility product constant, , for a reaction in the form:

Possible Answers:

 represents the ratio of reactants to products as the reaction progresses

 has units of moles per liter

As more of substance  dissolves in the given solution, increases

The concentration of substance  strongly influences the value of 

Correct answer:


To determine the solubility product constant, we only need the concentrations and coefficients of the ions. The effective concentration of any pure substance (solid, liquid, or gas) is equal to one by definition, so does not influence the value of . The equation for the solubility product constant of this reaction is:

The units of the solubility product constant will depend on the coefficients of the products. will be a constant for the reaction, and will not change as more solid dissolves or as the reaction progresses.

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