GRE Subject Test: Biology : Understanding Protists

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Understanding Protista

Apart from the fact that they are all eukaryotes (and therefore found within the Eukarya domain), there is no single trait that is common to all protist species. Which of the following is true of MOST protists?

Possible Answers:

They can cause disease

They reproduce sexually

They can photosynthesize

They prefer to live in water-rich environments

Correct answer:

They prefer to live in water-rich environments


Though all of these answers are true of at least some protists, the most generally applicable statement is that protists generally prefer to live in environments that contain plenty of water. Species within the kingdom Protista are believed to have given rise to the other kingdoms of Eukarya (these other kingdoms being Fungi, Animals and Land Plants), so the incredible diversity found within Protista is not particularly surprising. 

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