GRE Subject Test: Biology : Understanding Mating and Social Interactions

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Understanding Mating And Social Interactions

Eusocial insects, like many species of ants, are some of the most well known and successful social animals in the world. What factors are necessary for an insect species to be eusocial?

I. Cooperative brood care between different individuals

II. Division of labor by reproductive capability

III. Overlap of generations

IV. Adults care for their own offspring for some time

Possible Answers:

III and IV

I and II

II only

I, II, III, and IV

I, II, and III

Correct answer:

I, II, and III


Eusociality is defined by options I, II, and III. A species must cooperate on brood care (think ants bringing food back to the colony), labor is divided by reproductive ability (think sterile worker bees and queens) and the generations must overlap so that the colony is maintained properly.

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