Test: GMAT Integrated Reasoning


A high-school music department is putting together a two-day music festival to highlight the students' talents. The schedule for the two days will adhere to the following rules:

1. Five musical performances are scheduled for each day.

2. The majority of the performances on one of the days will be composed of woodwind instruments (clarinets, flutes, saxophones, oboes, or bassoons)

3. The other day will primarily feature solo performances.


Currently, 8 of the performances (4 each day) have been scheduled. The music department must add one additional performance on each day:

Day 1

Smooth Jazz Group (10th Grade, Saxophone Trio)

Rock Your Socks Off (12th Grade, Vocal Group)

Dustin & Karen (11th Grade, Flute Duo)

James (11th Grade, Trumpet Solo)


Day 2

Adam (10th Grade, Vocal Solo)

John (11th Grade, Clarinet Solo)

Rachel (12th Grade, Brass Solo)

4 Blind Mice (9th Grade, Woodwind Quartet)


The music department must add one additional performance on each day.

Based on the rules above, identify a performance that following:

I. A performance that can be scheduled on either day.

II. A performance that cannot be scheduled on either day.

I. Susan (12th Grade, Flute Solo)

II. James & Jimmy (10th Grade, Vocal Duo)

I. Susan (12th Grade, Flute Solo)

II. Kimmy (10th Grade, Trumpet Solo) 

I. Jenny & Molly (12th Grade, Flute Solo)

II. James & Jimmy (10th Grade, Vocal Duo)

I. Susan & Tina (12th Grade, Flute and Clarinet Duo)

II. James & Jimmy (10th Grade, Vocal Duo)

I. Susan (12th Grade, Flute Solo)

II. Henry (12th Grade, Violin Solo)

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