Test: GED Social Studies

The following question refers to the information contained in this timeline.

1000 Leif Ericson lands in Newfoundland.

1492 Columbus reaches the Caribbean.

1521 Hernán Cortés conquers Mexico for Spain.

1538 French settlement in St. Kitts is destroyed by the Spanish.

1565 Spanish settlement in Florida is founded.

1607 English settlement established at Jamestown.

1608 French settlement established at Quebec.

1620 Plymouth colony established by the English.

1625 Dutch colony established in New Amsterdam.

1769 Spanish colony established at San Diego.

1776 Spanish colony established in San Francisco.

1776 The United States declares independence.


This timeline supports the argument that ______________.

the Germans never settled colonies in the New World

the Spanish were dominant in the New World in the first wave of European colonialism

the independence of the United States marked the end of European colonialism in the New World

the English settlements in the New World were not successful

the Spanish and English fought many conflicts in the New World

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