Test: GED Social Studies

The following question refers to the information contained in this passage. 

The city of Dubrovnik has a rich and complicated history. For centuries it served as a halfway point between the Ottoman Empire and the Christian nations of Europe. After the Ottoman Empire invaded and conquered much of the Balkans, trade between the Empire and Christian Europe was largely forbidden, except through the independent city-state of Dubrovnik (at the time called Ragusa). Considering the massive amount of trade that poured through Dubrovnik on the way from the East to the Italian city-states and the nations of Northern Europe, it is no surprise that the city grew immensely wealthy and developed an autonomous character.


The main idea of this passage centers around __________________.

Dubrovnik’s history and its concentration of wealth and trade

Dubrovnik’s ability to defend itself and remain independent

the massive territorial expansion of the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century

the tensions that existed between the Ottoman Empire and Christian Europe

the intellectual and scientific spirit of the city of Dubrovnik

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