Test: GED Social Studies

The following question refers to the information contained in this passage.

The religion of Judaism—for many hundreds of years after it had adopted monotheism—did not really deal with the notion of heaven and hell, or the afterlife. It was a fringe matter for theologians, but far from central to the practice of the religion. This all changed when a series of devastating wars and diseases dramatically reduced the population of the Jewish nation. Suddenly the belief in the afterlife, and the attention it was given by theologians, exploded. After all, these people had to have died for something, right? So, out of war and tragedy, grew one of the most influential ideas in human history—a monotheistic god who would guide all his people to life after death.


According to the author what caused an explosion in Jewish belief in the afterlife?

The rising attention given to the matter by Jewish theologians

The belief that the people that had died for the cause of the Jewish nation must have died for a reason.

None of these answers; the author seems to find the causes behind the explosion of Jewish belief in the afterlife to be mysterious.

The fear of death that took hold when much of the population died in war and from disease.

The fact that the Jewish people were exiled from their homeland

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